One of Ride To Rescues alumni partners is on the move.  Trinity Rescue has responded to a south Georgia hoarding case!  The case which is still under investigation involves 50 miniature horses, donkeys and mules.  The animals are in the process of being taken into protective care, the investigation is still in progress and no exact details can be released at this time.

Mama is extremely malnourished but is doing great at the sanctuary. Trinity now has Mama and her baby safely transported back to the Trinity sanctuary.

The little filly was born just prior to being rescued.  Here she is 12” tall and 13 lbs and 4 days old!

Mama is still in rough condition but improving!  With proper food now available and hydration available to her she should make a full recovery.  Hoarding cases generally start with good intentions.  However without proper care and gelding practices things can quickly get out of hand.  The situation can become life threatening for the animals involved.  RTR champions its alumni partners and applauds their efforts as we seek to make change through partnership.

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