Base Camp

The base camp is set up and our onsite volunteer has two weeks to get the dogs used to eating in the enclosure.
Once he closes the pen Mostly Mutts and Ride to Rescue will be called into action to immediately head up for the next rescue op. It’s during this lag time that we get a call that one of the feral females has given birth in one of the crates we had left at the site. Rushing into action we quickly head up and together RTR and Mostly Mutts bring the mother and her 10 pups safely to the MM shelter. These pups will be socialized from birth and all the pups and Madonna the mother will be adopted. We keep in touch with our volunteer and the indication is that our plan is working and that the packs are starting to eat in the pen. Now we wait. Its 8:30 am and we get the call. They are in the pen and the gate has finally been closed. After a full day of capturing, crating and transporting the dogs to the shelter, the volunteers aren’t done yet. The dogs are bathed and that night these dogs would spend their first night inside. They would no longer have to scavenge and fight for food. They would no longer be exposed to the elements and live in constant fear. They would be safe. By partnering together MM and RTR saved 18 dogs that had been living in the wild. Dogs like these are a forgotten group living on the fringe in both urban and loosely populated areas. There are no statistics on just how many feral dog colonies struggle to survive in the wild. For these dogs life has now become fun. They are free to make time to play in our homes and with other dogs as they learn to exhibit domestic canine behavior. Out of all the dogs rescued all have been successfully rehabilitated.

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